IS F (2008-2014)

NOVEL Racing Japan Full Headerback Exhaust System for Lexus IS F (Exhaust Manifold / Center Pipe / Valved Rear Twin Muffler)

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2UR-GSE was developed exclusively for the Lexus F Models. The philosophy behind our exhaust systems is to awaken the potential within the highly viable V8 engine while perfecting the exhaust note. We utilized equal length exhaust manifolds, handcrafted by our seasoned artisans. Drivers will experience a remarkable improvement in horsepower, torque and engine response. In addition, with the increase in performance, our exhaust systems create our signature high-pitched exhaust note for an exhilarating driving experience. With NOVEL the engine is reborn, the power within unleashed and the exhaust note redefined. Enabled with our electronically controlled valve system, you are in control of your driving experience. With a flip of a switch experience a comfortable volume or unleash the full range of sound, it is entirely up to you.

  • Handmade and hand welded in Japan by only 2 specially trained Japanese Artisans

  • Made of Japanese 304 Stainless Steel

  • Exhaust Valve System for control of the exhaust volume to enhance driver experience

  • Includes all necessary hardware for installation OEM hardware is utilized during installation

  • Professional installation is always recommended

  • Exhaust Manifold are equal length with each runner individually attached for precise installation

  • Merge collector and runners are not welded for a more precise fit and movement during operation

  • Spot welding the pieces is optional

  • This system is complete from headers all the way to muffler

  • For off road racing use only




About NOVEL Racing Japan

NOVEL means completely new, one and only. 

Established in 2012, NOVEL is committed to being the top Lexus tuner in the world.  With a focus on developing the greatest performing Lexus components, we are committed to incorporating the best in Japanese tuning technology in every product we produce. 

The fusion of Lexus x NOVEL promises to advance your Lexus to a completely new standard of performance.

NOVEL Racing Japan Endurance Racing in Germany

Competed in all Nürburgring Endurance Races (VLN Series)

Competition breeds performance and NOVEL was born of a racing pedigree with real world research and development through endurance racing at Nürburgring.  In our pursuit of developing the best products, we utilize endurance racing in Germany at a global proving grounds as a way to develop, refine and prove the performance of our products. 

We believe performance and quality are cultivated on the race track and endurance racing brings out the best of them both.

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