APEXi Power FC Components, FC Commander PRO Software

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APEXi Power FC Components, FC Commander PRO Software
The FC Commander PRO Software enables connectivity to the Power FC ECU for for real-time programming and data logging. Product includes a serial (9-Pin) Interface Cable and downloadable software.
- Full features of FC Commander such as: 8 Channel Monitoring, Map Tracing, 20 x 20 resolution Ignition & Injector Maps, Air Flow and MAP Sensor Calibration, Injector Correction, Boost Controller (optional kit), Acceleration Enrichment, Cranking Injection, Water Temp. Correction, RPM setup, and Sensor Check.
- Map Trace and Ghost Trace
- Peak Hold Function & Data Logging
- Save and Download MAPS and Log Files with the Power FC
- Applications: Please confirm your Power FC model with application lists or contact an A'PEXi Representative.
***Note: The use of an optional Serial (9 Pin) to USB adapter may be necessary for newer laptops
***Note: Compatible with Windows OS up to Windows 7
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