Power Intake Panel Filter - LEXUS IS-F / RC- F / GS-F - 503-KT01

for IS F, RC F, and GS F
More Information
Brand APEXi
Year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Filter life has been tested to operate over 25,000km (15,000mi) under normal street driving conditions. Filter maintenance and overall life differs depending upon conditions under which the filter is used. Inspect for wear and tear, use best judgement, and replace if damage is suspected. The filter can be cleaned by blowing compressed air through the filter, opposite the direction of inbound airstream. This filter is designed for use as a dry-type filter. Do not apply filter oil to this filter as it was not designed to utilize such oils. Water, cleaning solvents, and other liquids may damage the filter and must not be used to clean the filter.