APEXi RSM-GP Components, G-Sensor

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APEXi RSM-GP Components, G-Sensor
An added feature to the Rev Speed Meter GP, the G-Sensor unit allows the unit to measure G forces in 4-way front/rear/left/right directions. This data can be plotted in a graph display to map acceleration characteristics and lateral G's on the race track, or used in an array of new features including: highly accurate 100m/200m/400m times with trap speed and wheel-spin correction, horse power calculation, and loss power calculation. By taking advantage of the optional G-sensor, the user can produce extremely accurate acceleration measurements. Usually, when measuring acceleration times using the speed sensor signal alone, the meter will end measurement too early (shorter distance) due to wheel spin. The G-sensor modifies the speed sensor signal, compensating for wheel spin and producing impeccably accurate times.
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Brand APEXi