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APEXi Active Tail Silencer, (90mm. Muffler tip)

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APEXi Active Tail Silencer, (90mm. Muffler tip)
- Current tail silencers are a restriction for power under high load and the user sacrifices power for quieter sound.
- The ATS allows for quiet sound during low load, but under high load, the pressure activated valve opens wide up for straight through power!!
- The ATS eliminates the need to constantly install or remove the tail silencer.
- The ATS (Active Tail Silencer) comes in 115mm and 90mm sizes for most exhaust system applications.
- APEX Exclusive Design
- No need to change exhaust systems! Any A'PEX muffler can become a variable sound system!

- Exhaust pressure activated tail silencer valve
- Exclusive tail silencer design
- Uses High Grade Ball Plunger Type Valve and Treatment Pipe as the PS Revolution Exhaust
- Uses High Grade Inconel Spring
- Available in 115mm and 90mm sizes
- Maximum sound flexibility from residential areas to the local track
- Includes high temp bolts, washers, and locking pin
More Information
Brand APEXi
Silencer Type Active Tail Silencer
Silencer Diameter OD 86.5mm. (3.41 inches)
Silencer Body Length 91mm. (3.58 inches)