RS-R Black-i Coilovers Lexus IS250 | IS350 RWD 06-13

Special Price $1,899.00 Regular Price $2,099.00
Fits Model Years 2006 to 2013 - GSE20/GSE21

When being looking good just isn t good enough is something the Black-I series coilovers has been specially designed for. To perform at extreme vehicle drop levels while providing a smooth and comfortable ride. There s no reason to sacrifice looking good for ride comfort.

Coilovers are supposed to function a specific way. The ride height, preload, valving, and spring rates should all work together to provide a specific type of ride. Taking them out of its recommended range causes imbalance and undesired ride quality, especially when you want the car to be low, extremely low. That s where the RS-R Black-I comes in. Not only is it made to allow you to lower your car to levels most coilovers are incapable of, but they have been specifically engineered to do so, in their valving, spring preload, and spring rate. Looking good does not need to sacrifice ride quality or even performance any longer. Look good and have an enjoyable ride with it.


  • 36 way Adjustable dampers front and rear
  • Adjustable height front and rear
  • Smooth and Comfortable ride
  • Lexus IS250, IS350 RWD 06-13
  • Chassis Code: GSE20/GSE21
For A List of Recommended Adjustments CLICK HERE
More Information
Brand RSR Wheels
Make Lexus
Model IS250/350 RWD