TOMS Racing Coil Damper Unit Advox for IS-F (2008-2014)

Special Price $3,960.00 Regular Price $4,500.00
  • Specs/ Steel Shell Casing, Single Tube, Twin Piston, Rubber Chamber Type (patent pending)
  • Increased comfort due to utilization of rubber chambers and low pressure gas.
  • featuring an innovative pressure controlled chambers to eliminate the delay in rebound
  • ¬†Inherited from motorsports experience, aluminum cylinders had been adopted for precision and lightweight factors, and heat resistance
  • Product may emit knocking noises during cold weather or at low speeds. Please acknowledge these factors when increasing performance.
  • Please perform wheel alignment following installation to realize full potential of the product.

About TOMS Racing Japan

TOM’S Co. was founded in 1974 by two great individuals, a Toyota factory driver named Nobuhide Tachi and a Toyota dealership engineer, Kiyoshi Oiwa. Overcoming tremendous hardships during the oil recession era, the two entrepreneur’s put all their effort into motorsports brand TOM. From their efforts TOMS was able to rise into one of the most prominent corporations in motorsports history. In keeping with that tradition, TOM’S continues to be a dominant force in global motorsports. Competing in Super GT, TOM’S continues to take the knowledge they gain in motorsports and infuse it into their products.

TOMS Racing Product Philosophy

Converting the technical skill and knowledge acquired from motorsports, TOMS strives to develop highly efficient and top performing product for Toyota vehicles. By having such a strong relationship with Toyota, TOMS is able to produce high performance products that meet the strict requirements of OEM manufacturing.

Purchase with Confidence. We are authorized.

What does Buying from an Authorized TOMS Racing Dealer mean? Working direct with TOMS Racing, Mod in Japan can offer our customers the confidence of buying authentic TOMS Racing Products so you can get the best quality and fitting product available. In addition you have the support of a manufacturer warranty at purchase, so if there are any defects from the manufacturer at purchase, just let us know and we can help with your warranty.

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