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Radium Engineering Catch Can Kit CCV Toyota Tacoma 2016-2021- RADI-20-0839

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The CCV catch can mounts to threaded bosses in the engine bay on the inner fender with the provided supplementary bracket. To retain factory functionality, the CCV catch can runs inline between the crankcase vent (CCV) port and the intake pipe. At low loads, it experiences atmospheric pressure. However, when the engine is at high load (WOT), the line will experience high flow from the crankcase into the intake system. This would normally lead to oil and sludge accumulation in the air filter intake pipe. The CCV catch can captures this and promotes clean filtered air back into the intake.


  • Baffled oil catch can
  • Tacoma specific mounting bracket
  • AN adapter fittings and hose ends
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Radium PCV hose
  • The CCV catch can kit does NOT address blow-by from the PCV side of the crankcase.
  • The CCV catch can kit is compatible and recommended to be used with the PCV catch can kit.
  • Toyota Tacoma 2016-2021
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Brand Radium Engineering
Make Model Year Toyota Tacoma 2016, Toyota Tacoma 2017, Toyota Tacoma 2018, Toyota Tacoma 2019, Toyota Tacoma 2020, Toyota Tacoma 2021